Why choose us?

Why choose us over those other rental sites?, The answer is simple… if you want your rental RV without a worry then we are your #1 choice. We have over ten years servicing  the Okanagan /Shuswap area, that says alot.  You would not believe how many times we have received calls from people asking if we can delivery them a rental RV right now, because the one that they were supposed to receive NEVER made it, and they are sitting at their campsite with no other option than to drive 6 hours home.  We are in business as a business, not a weekend cash grab to pay off our one and only RV. As a client you should ask whom ever you talk to these very important questions:

  1. How many rental units do you have.? What happens if the AC or Fridge stops working?
  2. What happens if the delivery truck breaks down? Do you have any extra delivery trucks?
  3. How many staff do you have? What if you are hurt or get sick or if someone in your family does? who will delivery my rental RV?

If you get a reply similar to ” Don’t worry I haven’t missed a day of work in 100 years!” RUN run fast!

Unfortunately these weekend worriors give our entire industry a bad name, now I also understand that this may or may not happen…. but do you really want to risk a no show six hours from home?

Our company employs 15 staff members from May to October, we have eight delivery trucks and If an RV malfunctions we have an RV Tech on site who is mobile in case you have problems at your site! Peace of mind is what you are looking for and a reputable company is where you find it.

Our strength is customer service with over ten years experience and 20 plus rental units RV Adventure Rentals, formally UMI Rentals, has the staff, the RV’s and the experience to help make your RV holiday memorable!