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By signing the reservation receipt, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on pages 1 & 2 of this document. Reservations are deemed complete once the booking deposit has been received by RV Adventure Rentals or one of its agents.

General Terms and Conditions:
Insurance: The holiday trailer is insured. Personal contents are not covered. RV Adventure Rentals , it’s agents or employees are not responsible for any personal injury or damage to person or personal items including but not limited to, operating the trailer, towing the trailer or its components or while in the trailer, the campsite or campground.

Rental Deposit: $200.00 non-refundable per week deposit is required to book a travel trailer. This deposit will be deducted from your travel trailer rental fee.
Rental Payment: Full payment less the rental deposit is required 30 days prior to the rental date and can be made via Visa, Mastercard or E-transfer.

Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation less than 30 days prior to rental date the payment is refundable, less the deposit, provided the unit is rebooked for the same time frame. We do not do refunds other than damage deposits for shortened trips due to customer cancellation. For peace of mind we do offer trip cancelation insurance which must be purchased at time of booking.

Equipment Failure: In the unlikely event that the requested rental unit has an equipment failure, or the unit is involved in an accident prior to it’s arrival, RV Adventure Rentals Trailers will substitute for a trailer that will accommodate your needs, this will be left to RV Adventure Rentals discretion, if we are unable to replace the original trailer with a comparable trailer that meets the renters needs, RV Adventure Rentals will issue a full refund to the renter. We do not do refunds in the event of equipment malfunctions due to renter’s negligence or misuse. In the event of an equipment malfunction not caused by renters, RV Adventure Rentals will make every attempt to rectify/repair the problem. If the unit is not repairable and we do not have a replacement unit available, we will refund the balance of the rental nights not used.

Damage Deposit: A damage deposit of $1000.00 is required one week prior to the rental period and must be made with a credit card. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of contract and the full rental fee will apply. Damage to any and all components of the trailer, its contents and any equipment included in the rental agreement caused by neglect, misuse, mishandling, theft, fire, smoke or water damage is your responsibility and will be deducted from the damage deposit and further charges to your credit card may apply. A police report must be filed in the event of vandalism or theft. All repairs require inspection and pre-authorization. By signing, you agree to financial responsibility for any and all damage caused by yourself or others, known or unknown to you. RV Adventure Rentals is not responsible for contents damaged or stolen from the trailer. This damage deposit will be fully refunded within 2 weeks after the rental period provided no damage is detected and the trailer is returned clean. You the renter are 100% responsible for any and all damages and any missing items to or from your rental unit. All damages or missing items will be deducted from your deposit. If your deposit does not cover damages or missing items, you the renter authorize RV Adventure Rentals to charge the out standing balance to your credit card supplied at the time of booking.

Unit Delivery and Pickup:
A RV Adventure Rentals agent will deliver and setup your travel trailer rental unit to your designated pre-approved campground and site at a pre-determined time on your arrival day (check contract for check in time).It is the renters (customers) responsibility to ensure the delivery site can accommodate the rental unit they have agreed to rent, this includes but is not limited to site accessibility to ensure rental unit can be parked in the site with out causing damage to the rental unit, this means that the site and the entrance to the site is clear of over hanging trees and side brush that may contact the rental unit and the site has a level and straight enough approach as to not drag the rental unit. If the rental unit CAN NOT be delivered to the site due to the formentioned conditions and another sutible site can not be agganged, RV Adventures will consider this reservation cancelled by the customer. See cancellation policey.   Unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, accidents and road conditions or closures are not the responsibility of RV Adventure Rentals Rentals or its agents. If you can’t make your check in time, please ensure that you are in contact with RV Adventure Rentals to advise us of your expected time of arrival PRIOR to your arrival date.

There is a $50.00 per hour charge for late check in.Your check in time will be finalised prior to arrival date. There is a charge for having to return to the site to do a check-in which will be charged at a minimum of $50.00 or $1.35 per KM which ever is greater. The rental unit is not to be moved within or from the site where RV Adventure Rentals sets it up. Check out / pickup time is 10:00 am. The trailer must be vacated by this time to avoid late charges. $100.00 per hour will apply after 10:00 am. The unit must be cleaned inside and out to pre-rental condition to avoid a cleaning charge of $100.00 minimum. Additional delivery and pickup charges may apply and will vary per location e.g. campsite is more than 25k from Vernon or Salmon Arm; or if condition of road into campsite is particularly rough.

General Terms and Conditions:

RV Adventure Rentals and our employees would like you to have the best experience possible when renting one of our holiday RV’s and any add-on’s, so please read the entire contract. If you have any questions, please contact us before signing and returning your Rental Receipt.

  • Units are Non-smoking. A $300.00 cleaning fee will be applicable if you violate this condition.
  • Awnings are very susceptible to wind. They must be put down each night, when you are away from the unit and when it is windy. You are responsible for replacing the awning should it become damaged.
  • The trailers water and sewer system are not like at home. Only the supplied RV toilet paper is to be put in the sewage system. Only water is to be put down the sinks. Any blockages or damage done to this system is the responsibility of the renter.
  • Your rental unit control panel (showing the black and grey water level) may NOT show a proper reading due to particles sticking to the sensor. RV Adventure Rentals does dump the tanks before each rental and will try to avoid a false senor reading, but in the case of this happening and the limited amount of time RV Adventure Rentals has to transfer a trailer from one campsite to the next, this may not be avoided as it takes several hours to clean sensors.
  • There is a $35.00 charge for emptying and rinsing the grey and black water tanks.
  • A $65 prep fee is added to all rentals to cover propane refill, water tank fill and drain, battery charge, toilet paper, clean mattress cover and supplied cleaning supplies. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • When dry camping (no power, water hookups) your trailer will arrive with the battery fully charged. If the battery becomes drained by overuse or due to neglect, RV Adventure Rentals is not responsible and will not return to the campsite to charge them. It is highly recommended that you rent a generator so that you may recharge the batteries should a problem arise. Typically, a battery will last a day providing the stereo is NOT used and lights are used sparingly. The fridge, hot water tank and the CO detector use battery as well, even when using propane. Although these are specially designed batteries for RV’s they do not last any longer than a car battery.
  • RV Adventure Rentals will charge a minimum fee of $100 for unnecessary call outs due to equipment malfunctions which have been caused by the renter.
  • Over filled holding tanks WILL be subject to an additional fee of $100 minimum.
  • Units are typically PET FREE; however, a pet may be negotiable at $20 per day and an extra pet damage deposit may apply. Extra cleaning charge of $50 minimum will apply. Pets MUST NOT be left in RV unattended at ANY TIME. Pet food and water must be kept outside.
  • Un Claimed pets will be an automatic forfeit of damage deposit.
  • RV Adventure Rentals does not supply bed or bath linens.
  • One full 30lb propane tank is included with your rental at no charge.
  • Please ensure you read FAQ on our website under rental information @

Extras to Consider:

  • Propane Camp Fire – $70.00 (Propane tank included)
  • Generator basic (charges and runs lights, TV, etc.) – $25.00 per day, Generator and 5-gallon Jerry can will be provided full, these must be returned full to avoid extra fuel charges.
  • Generator AC (runs everything including AC on most units) – $35.00 per day. Generator and 5-gallon Jerry can will be provided full, these must be returned full to avoid extra fuel charges.
  • BBQ – $25.00, Propane not included, uses small 1-pound tank. (Must be returned clean or a $50.00 cleaning fee will apply)
  • 100-gallon Sewage Tank – $25.00 (Recommended when dry camping, must be emptied prior to pick up, $100.00 fee for RV Adventure Rentals to empty)
  • 30 lb Extra Propane Tank for RV – $60.00 (Full)
  • Extra Battery – $25 (recommended when dry camping)
  • Interior Insurance Policy or one of the Insurance plans offered by RV Adventure Rentals

By signing THE RENTAL RESERVATION RECEIPT, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and provisions set out in the RV Adventure Rentals Terms and Conditions, attached in your reservation confirmation, located under IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. You the renter accepts camping privileges under a licence to occupy with the understanding that he/she does hereby release 0863380 BC Ltd ,dba (RV Adventure Rentals) , it’s officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person arising out of his or her use of the rental unit, and agrees to indemnify 0863380 BC Lt, dba RV Adventure Rentals, it’s officers and employees against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered renter arising out of the use of its rental unit. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. If you are unable to sign electronically, please print sign and return by email. You are consenting to all terms, conditions and provisions set out in the Contract Terms and Conditions. You are acknowledging you have read and understood each provision, term and condition. Receipt of your signed Reservation Receipt will constitute a legally binding contract.