RV Trailer Rental Tips

  1. Make sure you bring the right size ball
    Rule of thumb is, all single axle trailers use a 2inch ball and tandems are 2 5/16
  2. Find out what your towing capacity is BEFORE you book
  3. Test your trailer light receptacle.
    This is the number one hold up when it comes to the rental experience and can throw your entire day off schedule. If you don’t have a trailer to test your lights with ask a friend or drop into any RV or Trailer sales location or Auto dealership prior to your rental date.
  4. All RV Travel trailers require a brake controller.
  5. You must have trailer towing experience in order to rent and tow our travel trailers.
  6. You must have  Roadstar or equivalent  type of good driving coverage before you can rent and tow our rentals RV’s.
  7. Always try and empty your holding tanks before traveling a long distance
  8. DO NOT over load your trailer. All load capacities are located on the trailer.
    If you over load your rental trailer you could be in for a very expensive bill, as overloading can bend axles or cause accidents, which would NOT be covered by any insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Check all lights, tires and hook-ups before you set out on your trip.
  10. Damage is always a sticky point in any rental. With the advent of cell phones that have the ability to take photos, we suggest that you take pictures at the rental location. Our representative will go over the trailer with you before you leave, but there is a chance that something could be missed. It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect your rental unit BEFORE you leave.
  11. Make sure all doors (inside and out) are  secure. You do not want to incur any further expenses due to items falling inside your trailer.
  12. Bring trailer back washed and in the same condition of cleanliness .
  13. Please know your return time and if you are going to be late, let us know an hour or two ahead in case we have rented your unit out.