UMI Name Change

Why did we change our name, well when UMI rentals first incorporated in 2008 we mainly rented cargo and utility trailers, which in the beginning did very well. Then we expanded to equipment rentals as well. Somewhere along the line we added in our very own RV as we had just purchased a home on six acers and thought to ourselves, will we ever leave this property now…lol. So we started renting out the RV and boom…we fell in love with that business model. We decided to sell off all our other equipment to focus solely on RV Rentals, we expanded our fleet to 24 units to date and have served over 2000 happy clients! Anyway why did we change the name to RV adventure Rentals, in this day and age Google decides who deserves to be on the first page by using a bunch of algorithms and S.E.O. rules, which can be very difficult to change, SO! we decided to abandon UMI for a name that really said what and who we are and for better placement on all search engines. That is the short and the skinny of it.