Come on SPRING!

With this warm weather we are experiencing I foresee an early camping season in the Okanagan Shuswap and as per the norm the most popular sites will fill fast so I suggest you make your reservation as soon as possible. Here is a link to reserve your provincial campsite or you can google Okanagan Shuswap campsites for privately owned recreation camping. The Okanagan Shuswap has an array of Provincial sites as well as privately owned and forestry campsites at many of the small lakes, some we can recommend for easy access when towing an RV and many that you might want to reconsider. The following link is to an article from Infotel news that gives a run down on some of the smaller forestry sites located in our area, for more information on these sites you can email our staff at, we also have a couple of articles on camping in the Okanagan Shuswap area listed on our website.

Summerize RV

No matter what type of camping you enjoy, there are a few things you need to get done and the sooner you do these the less stressful your first trip is going to be. First and foremost summerize that RV, drain all your lines, second sanitize your freshwater tank with a small amount of bleach, this will insure that no unwanted little green friends will be growing in your under belly!. Once you have the summerize complete we suggest testing and making sure your batteries are good, there is nothing worse than getting to your site and an hour later your batteries are dead! Next let’s fill the hot water tank and test it as well as all your gas appliances especially the furnace, god only knows the temps can still dip pretty low in early season at higher elevations, and nobody likes freezing at night! So if everything is working you are ready to go, and if something is not working you have plenty of time to fix the problem and save your first trip of the year from being a disaster. Oh and one other good thing to do, is put a few bounce sheets in your heat vents, mice hate bounce and I find they work much better than those very expensive mouse bags, DO NOT PUT BAITED TRAPS IN YOUR RV!!  You are just asking for a problem, nothing like saying “free food, come on in”, of course if you have a problem then sure use the baited traps if you don’t have any other alternatives.

I can already feel the excitement building within us, the fun of friends sitting around the camp fire catching up on the past six months, roasting some dogs and swilling my favorite brew. Come on let’s go! Always remember to respect those around you, keep your kids and pets under control and pack out what you bring in.

Enjoy your season and maybe we will see you out and about, CHEERS!


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