Noisy Creek

Recently we decided to check out a forestry campsite that we have heard a little about. The campsite named Noisy Creek, because of the creek running through, which really wasn’t that noisy.  But being at Noisy Creek RV park in late fall and not much for run off this is to be expected. I would imagine it can be very noisy in the spring. Anyway enough rambling. Noisy is located approx. 40K from Enderby BC at the north end of Mabel Lake.  The road in is no worse than some paved roads but Nosey Creek mapdoes have some sections with nasty pot holes so just reduce your speed. We towed in a 20 foot holiday trailer for our little getaway and it was no problem. To get to Noisy you would head east out of Enderby across the Shuswap River, oh ya… coming from Alberta turn left on main street in Enderby and right coming from Vernon. The drive took us about an hour and forty five minutes through some very beautiful country, so it didn’t really feel like an hour plus. There is no signage but I can tell you that the entrance road is at 21K and that the secret to finding it is stay right on the well-traveled road. Don’t take any road that looks a little weedy! Although it is a bit of a jaunt it is well worth it. We arrived at about 2 pm and to our amazement there was not one other person there, yes it is mid-October, but it is still warm…imagine a campsite totally empty. It was a dream come true!!! So we parked our little trailer next to the beach, well first we decided to do a little drive through to scope out the ideal spot, then we setup camp, started a fire and then went for an explore. We first walked the rocky beach around the corner to where Noisy creek emptied into Mabel lake and then back tracked as there was no way to cross without getting soaked…LOL. We decided to take the walking trail through the trees which was more like a carpet than a forest floor, a kids paradise for riding bikes and playing war. I miss those days, anyway in the middle of this greenery is a foot bridge that crosses Noisy and to our surprise we find salmon spawning right under foot, what an amazing dance of wild nature preformed right before our eyes. There was not a lot of Salmon but the few that were there did provide us with an amazing insight to their short but important life cycle. So once we pried ourselves away from the Salmon we continued our adventure of the campsite and more of the amenities such as a concrete boat launch, roped off swimming area and a nature hiking trail that takes approx. 45 minutes, which we decided we would not explore due to the spawning Salmon and our lack of bear spray. Ya that expedition can wait till next time!

All in all the trip to Noisy Creek was well worth the extra time getting there. Now we can tell you a couple of things I would not do, one I would not recommend a holiday trailer over 26 feet as most of the sites are smaller, there are a few bigger ones but who really wants to get all the way out there and have no place to park.  Avoid long weekends until they start to put signs at the entrance roads. I wouldn’t chance it as it is a very popular spot with locals and out of towner’s. During the high season there is a camp host and I believe that the nightly fee is about $18 and it can get quite busy there during high season, May Long to Sept Long. There is no cell service although I believe the camp host has a Sat phone for emergencies. On a scale of 1-10 I put Noisy at a solid 8. If you would like a bit more information you can call me @ 1800.462.9958 and I will try and answer your questions.

Beach at Noisy Creek RV park